Funders' Collaborative

A funders' collaborative brings philanthropic organizations to a common table to distribute funds committed to the mission of the collaborative. Success factors include involving every partner and ensuring control by the funding partners; utilizing a channel (such as a community foundation) that allows for flexibility in fund distribution different from the restrictions of individual partners; and, engaging staff support independent from any of the partners
to facilitate the work of the collaborative.

Interested in learning more?

If you - or someone you know - are interested in establishing a funders' collaborative in your city, Management Cornerstones pioneered the concept in Milwaukee and would love to help your group achieve the same success. Management Cornerstones has assisted foundations in Grand Rapids and Flint, Michigan with the launch of funders’ collaboratives, and also established one in Chicago—the Arts Work Fund for Organizational Development.

For more information on Milwaukee’s longest-operating funders’ collaborative, the Nonprofit Management Fund, click here. The Fund was cited as one of the top five best capacity-building programs worldwide by the United Kingdom based Baring and Northern Rock Foundations in their publication Foundations for Organisational Development.