Management Cornerstones’ thought leadership is now available online. Over the years, it has published dozens of books, comic books, manuals, articles, and seminal research, demonstrating leadership in nonprofit management and the development of the nonprofit management profession. 


The list below does not include the many publications developed through client-related consulting projects.

    Apps and Podcats

  • Nonprofit Tips: Phone App featuring 365 tips on nonprofit management and direction. 2011.
  • “On Being Board,” series of 112 podcasts on nonprofit governance; produced with BoardStar and previously available through iTunes, 2006-2011.


  • "Corporate Structure : Does Your Organization just Need Some Redecorating or Is It Time for a Major Rehab?" You and Your Nonprofit Board, In The Trenches, Charity Channel Press, June 2013. 
  • "Beyond a Hit List: Income Planning for Small Nonprofit Organizations," Small Nonprofits: Strategies for Fundraising Success, Jossey-Bass, Summer 1998.
  • "New Revenue Options Bring Risks, Benefits", The Neighborhood Works, 1985.
  • "Your Annual Report: Telling It on the Mountain", ART POST, a publication of the Chicago Council on Fine Arts, Summer/Fall 1982.
  • "How to Write a Contract for Technical Assistance", sidebar of an article on management support organizations, Grantsmanship Center News, Summer/Fall 1982.
  • "State Enterprise Zones: the New Frontier?,” Northwestern Urban Affairs Quarterly, 1982.
  • "An Overview of Office Management Procedures,” Grantsmanship Center News, June 1981.

   Comic Books

    • BUSTED! Youth and the Law in Cook County, Illinois, comic book on juvenile rights and responsibilities for the centre, inc., 1976, 1979, 1985.
    • CHUMP CHANGE CHRONICLE, an educational comic book on money management for the centre, inc., 1982.
    • HIRED! Or How to Find a Job, comic book for the centre, inc., 1977.

    Research and Professional Resources

  • “Understanding the Governance of Nonprofit Boards of Directors in Metropolitan Milwaukee,” with Dr. Steven Percy, Research and Opinion, Center for Urban Initiatives and Research, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, August 2008.
  • “Nonprofit Board Governance in Milwaukee: Operation, Diversity and Challenge,” with Dr. Steven Percy, Research and Opinion, Center for Urban Initiatives and Research, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, July 2006.
  • Handbook for the Nonprofit Director, 2000, 2008.
  • ORIENTATION: The Training of a Board, Illinois Arts Council, 1991.
  • Arts Bridge: A Case Study, The Creation of the Nation's First Business Incubator for the Arts, Corporation for Cultural Re-Investment, Chicago, IL, 1989.
  • The Greening of Nonprofits: Earned Income: The Continuum of Possibilities, an interactive training package for nonprofit organizations including videotape and resource book, 1989.
  • Establishing a Business Incubator for Arts Organizations: A Feasibility Study, 1987.
  • Employment and Training in Illinois, A study for the Illinois General Assembly, 1981.
  • CAN DO and CAN DO II, a directory and guide to technical assistance, for the Donors Forum of Chicago, 1978 and 1980.
  • Youth Services in Illinois, A study for the Illinois General Assembly, 1980.
  • Technical Assistance: A Study in Cook County, Illinois, a research study on consumer and provider perspectives of assessment of management support services, with the Technical Assistance Study Group, 1979.
  • Recruiting Volunteers, with the Voluntary Action Center of Chicago, 1976.