Scott Gelzer 


Scott Gelzer, principal of Management Cornerstones Next Chapter LLC, has a broad array of program service, management, and governance experience in nonprofit organizations, small businesses and the public sector. He served as Executive Director of the Faye McBeath Foundation from 2004-14, until the Foundation completed spending all its assets in December 2014.  Scott acted as a Co-fund advisor to the Milwaukee Nonprofit Management Fund from 1994-2003.   He has led or helped lead nonprofit organizations in MI, IL and WI. 


He served 6 years on the Board of the Wisconsin Philanthropy Network, and chaired the Network’s Program Services and Evaluation Committee (2012-14). From 2015-2018, he served on the national Board of Exponent Philanthropy, formerly the Association of Small Foundations.  He has served as a Board President on 3 occasions, a community development organization, a youth center and a condominium association.  He helped design and co-lead the original version of President’s Primer, an acclaimed workshop for those who Chair nonprofit Boards.  This educational session has been updated and re-launched in 2021. 


His area of concentration is philanthropy, both from the donor and seeker perspectives. He also supports efforts related to entrepreneurship, governance, collaboration and financing nonprofit organizations.


Current professional projects include assisting Bader Philanthropies and several other funders with establishment of funding collaborations, as well as supporting rural philanthropy. He’s also completing an updated organizational assessment for nonprofit organizations, as part of a team.    He has a Masters in Urban Policy and Planning and a B.A. in Anthropology, and has taught dozens of University and community training courses.


Philanthropy is a personal avocation that is fulfilled through the Brandon Gelzer Memorial Fund, a donor-advised fund, which is focused on targeted youth development projects, home rehabilitation, and community mental health. A second fund, Art$upport, serves small community arts organizations. 


He resides in western Wisconsin on the Mississippi River near De Soto.   More information can be found via